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Linking to Library Resources

This guide explains how to get permanent URLs to library resources that can be shared via Canvas, email, or other systems.

Finding Permanent URLs in Swank

To find permanent URLs in the Swank Digital Campus database of streaming videos, first look up the title of the film you wish to link in Swank.

1) Click the title or thumbnail for the film and an info box will pop up at the bottom of the screen:

A screenshot of the record for the movie "Selma" in the Swank Digital Campus database.


2) From the Share drop-down menu, select either the "Copy Direct Link" or "Copy LMS Link" option. The direct link tends to be a plain URL, while the LMS link has an addtional HTML wrapper so that the link displays as "Watch here".

A screenshot of the options to copy links to the film "Selma" in Swank Digital Campus.


3) You should see a "Success! ___ Link copied." message in the lower right corner of the screen. You can now copy and paste that link into Canvas or wherever you need to share it.

For example, here is the direct link for Selma:

And this is the LMS link: Watch Selma