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Linking to Library Resources

This guide explains how to get permanent URLs to library resources that can be shared via Canvas, email, or other systems.

Linking to Library Resources

This guide will explain how to locate and use permanent URLs from library databases and electronic resources, so that they can be shared through course management software, email, Zoom chats, etc. These URLs are configured in such a manner that they will prompt off-campus users to enter their Chapman username and password so they can be authenticated as valid users and granted access.

Often, the URL that displays in the address bar of your browser will not work if shared with others, because it may be dependent on your particular session and won't recognize others as valid users. Thus, it is important to find and use these specially formatted, permanent URLs to direct users to specific resources.  With rare exceptions, these URLs can be recognized because they will begin with or something similar.

Please select a resource from the list at the left to learn how to find appropriate, permanent URLs to share.

What If I Don't See the Resource I Want on the Left?

Unfortunately, not all electronic resources provide the sort of permanent URL that will prompt users to log in and be authenticated with their Chapman usernames and passwords. Some may provide a sort of permanent URL, like a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or a "stable URL", that point to the article, ebook, video, etc., but don't prompt users to log in with their Chapman credentials and likely will not recognize off-campus users as valid, denying them access. In cases like these, it is recommended that faculty direct students to access the desired material through the Leatherby Libraries website. If you need assistance determining the best way to direct users to a resource that the library offers, please contact your Subject Liaison Librarian.