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Linking to Library Resources

This guide explains how to get permanent URLs to library resources that can be shared via Canvas, email, or other systems.

Finding Permanent URLs in Academic Video Online

1) To find the permanent URL for a video in Academic Video Online, first look up the title you want.

A search results screen in Academic Video Online.

(Please note: the library does not subscribe to every title in Academic Video Online, which cross-searches numerous offerings from Alexander Street Press. Please make sure we have access to the video you want to share before distributing any URLs. Videos to which we don't subscribe will have text banners indicating that a Sample is available or prompting users to Get Access.)


2) Click on the title/thumbnail of the video you want to share to be taken into the full record and select the option to Share.

A full record for a video in Academic Video Online.


3) A permalink and embed code will display at the bottom of the screen. Copy the appropriate link or code and paste or share as needed. Use of the Embed code may depend on whether your system allows iframes.

Permalink and embed code for a video in Academic Video Online.