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Linking to Library Resources

This guide explains how to get permanent URLs to library resources that can be shared via Canvas, email, or other systems.

Finding Permanent URLs in JoVE

JoVE URLs can be embedded into Canvas in several ways.

1) Through the Canvas LTI plugin

2) By linking or embedding to JoVE videos directly

To link or embed a video from JoVE directly into Canvas, please follow these steps:

  1. Identify a video in JoVE that you wish to share. Click either the Link icon or the Embed button, located in either the upper right corner for JoVE research (journal videos) or under the video for Education videos:

    Research video:
    The link and embed buttons in the upper right corner of a JoVE research video.

    Education video:
    The embed button under a JoVE education video.
  2. Copy and paste the embed code or link into Canvas and students logged in will be able to watch the video.
    JoVE video embed code in Canvas

    Please note that if you copy and paste the link somewhere other than Canvas, such as in an email or on a paper syllabus, the link may not work for all students because it does not include authentication information to recognize them as Chapman users. They would either need to register for and log in to a separate JoVE account with their Chapman email, or go through the authenticated link in the library's Database A-Z list and search for the video from the database homepage.

Note for users using Safari

If you are using Safari as your web browser, there are sometimes issues with viewing JoVE videos in Canvas. There is a setting that, if enabled, will cause users to only see a 25-second preview rather than a full video:

The "Prevent cross-site tracking" option in Safari's privacy settings causes issues with viewing JoVE videos in Canvas.

To correct this issue, simply unclick the box that says "Prevent cross-site tracking" in your privacy settings in Safari.