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Citation Management Tools

This guide will help you learn how to use Endnote and Zotero, two citation management tools that can help you keep your sources organized and generate citations.

Saving References to Zotero

The Zotero Connector allows you to easily add reference items. When researching, the Zotero Connector will automatically find bibliographic information. To save this information, simply click on the Zotero icon on your toolbar.

Some webpages will have information for multiple items. You will see a folder icon in the toolbar. Click on the folder if you see one or more items you would like to save.

You can then choose which items to save by clicking on the checkboxes to select and then clicking OK.

If you know an item's ISBN, DOI, or PubMed ID, you can quickly add these items by their identifiers. When in Zotero, click the "Add Item by Identifier" button.

Then enter the ISBN, DOI, or PubMed ID in the box and press the Enter/Return key.

Zotero allows you to save any webpage, even if it does not contain bibliographic information. If the webpage does not contain any biliographic information, you will see a gray webpage icon. Click on this icon to save the webpage to Zotero.

You can also save a snapshot of the webpage in Zotero. A snapshot is a screenshot of the webpage at the time you accessed it. To always save a snapshot of the webpage, go to Preferences in Zotero.

Go to the General tab, make sure the "Automatically take snapshots when creating items from web pages" is checked, and click OK.

You are also able to manually add items to Zotero. When in Zotero, click on the "New Item" button. 

From the drop-down menu, select the item type. 

You can then manually type in the bibliographic information to create a new item.