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Citation Management Tools

This guide will help you learn how to use Endnote and Zotero, two citation management tools that can help you keep your sources organized and generate citations.

Importing/exporting references


Not all databases use the same format, so the procedure for getting your references into EndNote will vary. In some databases, you will be asked to export your references while others will ask you to import. Whatever term is used, the goal is the same: storing your references in EndNote.

In this section, you will find tabs that will take you to database specific instructions for importing. The most used databases are included: EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), Web of Science, and PubMed.

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To save citation information from the EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) search tool (the search box under "Start Your Search"), go to the article record and click on the Cite button on the upper right corner.


The Export Manager screen will pop-up. Choose the second tab "Export Citation" and select "Export to EndNote Web." Click Save.


The exported citation will appear in your EndNote library under Unfiled.

Note: Although these instructions are for the Discovery search tool, other databases will provide similar options for exporting.

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Inside Web of Science, select the citations that you would like to export.
Click on ‘Export’ and select ‘EndNote Online.’


The Export Manager screen will pop-up. Note the number of citations selected. Click Export.


The exported citations will appear in your EndNote library under Unfiled.

Inside PubMed, select the citations that you would like to export.
Click on ‘Send to’ and select ‘Citation manager.’


Note the number of citations selected. Click 'Create file'.


When the Save dialog box appears, save the file somewhere easily accessible such as your desktop.


Log into EndNote online at Click on the Collect tab and select Import References.


Click 'Choose File' to upload the citation file. Use the Import Option dropdown option next to Select Favorites to select PubMed (NLM). Select a group from the To option.

Your PubMed citations will be uploaded into your selected group.