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Pharmacy resources including books, articles and drug information.

Help with Citations

The following pages will help with citing your reference in-text and in your references list or bibliographies. The tabs on the screen's left side will help you cite your references in AMA and APA. There are also helpful guides on using the citation management tools Zotero and EndNote.

Why provide citations and references?

  • Give credit to the work of others and avoid plagiarism

  • To demonstrate that you are building upon and connecting to the work of others

  • Allow readers to find your sources

  • To demonstrate you understand the work that has come before

Avoiding Plagiarism

You can avoid plagiarizing by...

  • Citing the author when you use direct quotes.
    • Use quotations sparingly.
    • Quotations must be identical to the original and must match word for word.
  • Citing the author when you paraphrase her words or ideas.
    • Paraphrased material is usually shorter than the original passage, taking a somewhat broader segment of the source and condensing it slightly.
    • Rewrite the content you want to cover in your own words.
  • Citing the author when you use his statistics, charts, graphs, media, or drawings