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Digital Repositories at Chapman University

Digital Commons and Figshare are open access repositories for sharing and preserving the research outputs of Chapman scholars and researchers.

Chapman Scholarship

Chapman University has two repositories through which affiliated researchers (whether they be faculty, students, staff, or otherwise involved with Chapman University) can make their scholarship freely and openly accessible: 

  • Chapman University Digital Commons is our institutional repository, designed to collect, preserve, and make publicly accessible the scholarly and creative output of Chapman University faculty, students, staff, and affiliates. In it are research publications, dissertations and theses, student work, audiovisual materials, images, special collections, and more, all created by members of or owned by Chapman University.
  • Chapman Figshare is our dedicated data repository, which is specially designed to enable the preservation, sharing, and publication of research data and accompanying outputs created at Chapman. It houses data, along with documentation and code, to help Chapman scholars promote their work, meet funder and publisher requirements, and practice open and transparent research.