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Experiential Educators

PharmacyLibrary Preceptor Central

PharmacyLibrary’s Preceptor Central is a collection of APhA’s respected experiential education resources. At the core of Preceptor Central is a formal curriculum suitable for preceptors in all experiential practice sites. Developed by a board of experts, the curriculum provides more than 20 modules in four different educational tracks to help preceptors develop quality educational experiences for their student pharmacists on IPPE and APPE rotations.

Active Learning Exercises

PharmacyLibrary offers IPPE and APPE active learning exercises for instructors. To gain access to these resources, follow the instructions on this page to learn how to request instructor access to PharmacyLibrary.

There are over 50 PharmacyLibrary IPPE Exercises and over 90 APPE Exercises. Search/browse exercises by curricular content areas and completion time. 

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