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Leatherby Libraries and Special Collections & Archives Emergency Response Plan

This guide contains the emergency response plan for the Leatherby Libraries and the Frank Mt. Pleasant Library of Special Collections and Archives.

Initial Building Evacuation

When the fire alarm sounds or in the event of any other emergency evacuation of the Leatherby Libraries, Floor Wardens should report to their designated meeting area.  All other library employees should report to the Circulation area to be assigned one of the following tasks:

  1. Assist a Floor Warden
  2. Evacuate and report to Panther Plaza (area between the Leatherby Libraries and Argyros Forum by the jumbo screen)

If any one of the Floor Wardens are unavailable, their responsibilities will be reassigned to those wardens who are present.

Night and Weekend Evacuation Plans

During night and weekend shifts, the Leatherby Libraries is not heavily staffed. The responsibility for disasters and evacuation falls on the staff members at the Circulation Desk, and when available, librarians at the Reference Desk. The following procedures are suggested in case of evacuation:

  1.  Public Safety should be immediately contacted to help clear the building x6763.
  2. The senior staff member will act as building coordinator with the junior staff member(s) acting as floor wardens.
  3. The junior staff member(s) will be dispatched to clear the basement, and floors 2, 3, and 4.
  4. The senior staff member will clear floor 1 and then ensure that the junior staff members report in when all other floors are cleared.
  5. All staff members will secure and evacuate the building after all floors are cleared and rally at the Panther Plaza near the jumbo screen.
  6. If the disaster is not conducive to evacuation, it is the responsibility of the staff members to be knowledgeable about the appropriate emergency procedures for specific disasters.


  • If staffing does not allow for the physical clearing of the library facility, the use of the intercom system may be warranted in serious circumstances to clear the building.
  • Staff members should have contact information readily accessible for library administration and notify one of the following individuals after the building has been cleared:

               Kevin Ross – Dean
              Julie Artman – Associate Dean
              Eddie Sauceda – Chair of Access Services           

  • A brief report will be created by the senior staff member after the building is secured and evacuated and forwarded to library administration at the earliest possible convenience.