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Leatherby Libraries and Special Collections & Archives Emergency Response Plan

This guide contains the emergency response plan for the Leatherby Libraries and the Frank Mt. Pleasant Library of Special Collections and Archives.

Emergency Response Plan Policy

The purpose of the Leatherby Libraries Emergency Response Guide is to establish policies and procedures to ensure the safety of library staff, library patrons, collections, and the physical facility. This comprehensive plan will aid in these efforts by providing guidance in responding to the aftermath of an emergency or disaster.

Personal safety is the primary priority in all possible emergency scenarios, and this includes all library staff and patrons who might be present at the time of an event. The current iteration of this plan outlines specific procedures to be followed in an emergency, which will minimize injury and the possible loss of life.

The collections and equipment located within the Leatherby Libraries are undoubtedly very valuable, but they are not worth risking the loss of life. Library materials and equipment can often be replaced, so once staff and patrons are safe and secure, the focus will be on the conservation and preservation of vital collections. Therefore, all of the policies and procedures outlined in the plan emphasize personal safety before taking steps to minimize damage to the collections or the facility.

This disaster response plan is being presented through a LibGuide format for easy accessibility and revision. There may be additions or revisions to the plan, so the online version will take precedence over any written copies.