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Data Management

Learn how to manage your data to ensure it stays available and readable, how to write a data management plan, and how to comply with funding agency data mandates.

Many funding agencies are now requiring researchers to create data management plans (DMPs), which some funders may call data management and sharing plans (DMSPs). These documents detail how data will be handled during and after a research project and get researchers thinking about data organization, formatting, metadata, accessibility, and preservation issues early in the research process. DMPs typically specify:

  • what data will be gathered
  • how it will be acquired and processed
  • whether and how research data will be preserved and shared upon the completion of the research. 

It will likely also include information about:

  • formatting
  • quality control
  • privacy concerns
  • accessibility
  • analysis
  • metadata generation
  • intellectual property rights and conditions for use.

The following tools can be used by researchers to craft data plans and determine the best way to manage their data during and after a research project.

The below guides can help researchers consider important questions about managing data.