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Find library and research resources related to Dance.

Course Guides

Advice on Getting started: 

  • Start by Exploring
  • Go from Broad topics to Narrow topics
  • See what the literature says before figuring out what you’re going to write about. 
  • Interdisciplinary Research - break your research topic down into subcomponents and make connections

Discussion Questions: 

  • Why use library sources? 
  • What's the difference between academic vs. non-academic sources? 
  • Is there ever a good time to use non-academic sources? 




Generating research questions


  • Why do you need research questions? 
  • What makes a good research question? 

Using LLMs to help generate questions: 

IS&T page on Copilot:


Find Dance Videos


  • Are videos primary or secondary sources? Or both? 


Find Articles and Reviews


  • Review: Why use peer-reviewed sources? 
  • Why use magazines and trade journals? 


Chicago Style


  • What's the point of citations? 
  • How can works cited / bibliographies help you find more sources? 

Interactive Anatomy Resources


Anatomy and Physiology E-books


Browse Relevant Journals


Books in the library



There are many books in the library on Dance Movement Anatomy and Exercise Physiology (See the books in the box below, for some examples).

Try browsing the catalog by searching by the following subject on the library homepage

Dance Physio


You can find the Leatherby Libraries homepage here:



Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Search multiple databases at once with the Leatherby Libraries "Start Your Search" box.


Or, try these individual databases: 


Need to look up a citation?

  • First, try searching the title in the Start Your Search bar
  • If that didn't work, try the "Search the Journal A-Z List"


Browse relevant journals

Search for Articles

Search multiple databases at once with the Leatherby Libraries "Start Your Search" box.

You may want to refine your seach to "Peer-reviewed" journals for scholarly content. 


Or, try these individual databases: 

There are other databases to explore in this guide. Check out the Dance Humanities Resources and Dance Health Resources pages in the left-side menu.

Also try searching Dissertations and Theses