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Welcome to the Theatre guide! Here you will find information about finding books, articles, and other sources of information related to theatre. 

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New Theatre Materials

In the Long Run

In the Long Run

2nd FL Humanities Library Books      PN2277.N5 S35 2020 

In the Long Run: A Cultural History of Broadway's Hit Plays presents in-depth analysis of 15 plays that ran over 1,000 performances, examining what made each so popular in its time--and then, in many cases, fall into obscurity. Covering one hundred years of theatre history, it traces the long-running Broadway play as a distinct cultural phenomenon that rises and falls from 1918 to 2018. Each chapter focuses on the longest-running plays of a particular decade, synthesizing historical research and dramaturgical analysis to explain how they functioned as works of theatrical art, cultural commodities, and reflections of the values, conflicts, and fantasies of their times. At the heart of each play's history are the ideological contradictions often present in works of popular culture that appeal to diverse audiences, particularly around issues of gender, race, class, and sexuality. Suitable for anyone with an interest in Broadway and its history, In the Long Run explores the nature of time in this ephemeral art form, the tensions between commerce and art, between popularity and prestige, and the changing position of the Broadway play within American popular culture.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Representation in Contemporary Dramaturgy

Diversity, Inclusion, and Representation in Contemporary Dramaturgy


Diversity, Inclusion, and Representation in Contemporary Dramaturgy offers fresh perspectives on how dramaturgs can support a production beyond rigid disciplinary expectations about what information and ideas are useful and how they should be shared. The sixteen contributors to this volume offer personal windows into dramaturgy practice, encouraging theater practitioners, students, and general theater-lovers to imagine themselves as dramaturgs newly inspired by the encounters and enquiries that are the juice of contemporary theater. Each case study is written by a dramaturg whose body of work explores important issues of race, cultural equity, and culturally-specific practices within a wide range of conventions, venues, and communities. The contributors demonstrate the unique capacity of their craft to straddle the ravine between stage and stalls, intention and impact. By unpacking, in the most up-to-date ways, the central question of "Why this play, at this time, for this audience?," this collection provides valuable insights and dramaturgy tools for scholars and students of Dramaturgy, Directing, and Theater Studies.

The Environment on Stage

The Environment on Stage

2nd FL Humanities Library Books      PN2039 .H83 2020 

The Environment on Stage: Scenery or Shapeshifter? investigates a pertinent voice of theatrical performance within the production and reception of ecotheatre. Theatre ecologies, unavoidably enmeshed in the environment, describe the system of sometimes perverse feedback loops running through theatrical events, productions, performances and installations. This volume applies an ecoaware spectatorial lens to explore live theatre as a living ecosystem in a literal sense. The vibrant chemistry between production and reception, and the spiralling ideas and emotions this generates in some conditions, are unavoidably driven by flows of matter and energy, thus, by the natural environment, even when human perspectives seem to dominate.   The Environment on Stage is an intentionally eclectic mix of observation, close reading and qualitative research, undertaken with the aim of exploring ecocritical ideas embedded in ecotheatre from a range of perspectives. Individual chapters identify productions, performances and installations in which the environment is palpably present on stage, as it is in natural disasters such as floods, storms, famine, conflict and climate change.  These themes and others are explored in the context of site-specificity, subversive spectators, frugal modes of narrative, the shifting 'stuff' of theatre productions, and imaginative substitutions.  Ecotheatre is nothing less than vibrant matter that lets the environment speak for itself

LatinX Theater

Latinx Theater in the Times of Neoliberalism

 2nd FL Humanities Library Books      PN2270.H57 Y37 2018 

Disability and Theatre

Disability and Theatre

2nd FL Humanities Library Books      PN1590.H36 B37 2018