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Open Access

Learn what open access is, how to comply with funding mandates, and how to find and evaluate open access publishers.

Please browse the following indexes to find publisher policies regarding open access:

You may also use one of the below tools to identify an open access journal to publish in:

You may also check out the industry initiatives below to find lists of journals and publishers that have been vetted to ensure they meet academic and industry best practices and offer high-quality and legitimate open access publishing services.

Or click one of the tabs below to view list of major open access publishers as well as open access repositories, directories, and preprint servers.

The following is a representative, but not exhaustive, list of major open access repositories or directories. 

Chapman also has an open access repository: Chapman University Digital Commons.  Contact Kristin Laughtin-Dunker for more information on how to make your research openly available, as well as how to comply with open access funder mandates, through the Digital Commons.

Preprints are becoming an increasingly important part of the open access movement.  Preprint servers allow researchers to post early versions of their work online in order to increase public dissemination of research results as well as solicit feedback before formal publication.