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News Websites and Memberships

This guide will help Chapman students, faculty, and staff understand how to gain website access to news websites to which the university subscribes.

The Leatherby Libraries participates in the Wall Street Journal Higher Education program, through which we provide full access to the past four years of the Wall Street Journal website, mobile apps, and other resources to Chapman University students, faculty, and staff.

How to Register

1. Go to the Leatherby Libraries' link below:

2. Log in with your Chapman credentials.

3. Select "Create Account" and choose your account type (student, staff, or professor).

4. Register using your Chapman email address.

After you register, you can access the WSJ website from any network or location. 

Students will have access through graduation. However, faculty and staff will be required to refresh access once a year and will receive an email notification prompting them to do so.

Included Benefits

Chapman's WSJ membership includes many benefits and features, such as:

Discounted access after graduation
Students can receive discounted access to the Wall Street Journal after they graduate. For graduating seniors, WSJ offers a discounted membership for young professionals priced at $2 per month for the first year —a 95% discount on the standard consumer rate. Students who take advantage of the offer will continue to get a discounted rate for the next 7 years. Students will receive an automated email upon graduation to notify them of this offer.

The WSJ offers a Professor Hub with many tools to help bring the Wall Street Journal into the classroom.

WSJ academic coordinators also offer workshops to introduce and provide details on the Professor Tools.

Additionally, WSJ offers a referral program for faculty:

For users with personal accounts

If you already have a personal subscription to the Wall Street Journal, you can still take advantage of the complimentary membership through the Leatherby Libraries. Please call 1-800-JOURNAL to cancel your personal membership. After your personal account is closed, you will be able to activate through Chapman's membership by following the directions above, and you may use your former WSJ username and password if you wish. Find information about the refund policy in the Customer Center