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Information for planning preceptorials, capstones, and opportunities both at Chapman and beyond.

Use this page to help you find information on education theory and pedagogy, in order to help you design and teach a course as part of your Preceptorial studies.

If you need more specialized resources than the few listed here, be sure to consult one of our subject-specific research guides or contact me or any of Chapman's fine librarians for additional help!

Education Resources for Planning Your Preceptorial

You already know the content, but how do you teach it?  Use these resources to help find information about how to design and teach a preceptorial. 

Suggested search terms to try:

  • pedagogy
  • "instructional design"
  • "education theory"
  • "teaching/learning/instruction methods"
  • "educational philosophy"
  • "experiential learning"
  • constructivism
  • "lesson plan"
  • "curriculum development"


You may also want to check out the Capstone Project page for ideas on how to give effective presentations.