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Data Visualization

Data visualization resources and services at the Leatherby Libraries

Data visualization at the Leatherby Libraries

Welcome to the Data Visualization subject guide.

This page serves as a guide to to help you find Data Visualization resources that are available through the Leatherby Libraries.

Data visualization is a broad topic that can range from communicating scientific findings through figures in a paper, creating engaging interactive plots for longform journalism published on the web, or preparing a dashboard for business stakeholders. Despite the different goals, data types, and publication formats, the principles of great data visualization remain the same. Data visualization, like writing, is a communication skill that everyone can both benefit from and improve on.

This guide is divided into several sections with links to library and open non-library resources to help you master communicating data effectively and efficiently. It is not exhaustive, and not intended to replace exploring the concepts presented here in more depth on your own according to your interests and needs.

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