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Holocaust History: Concentration Camps

This LibGuide is a starting point for general research on the concentration camps, with resources on genocide, survivor memoirs, and primary sources.

Brief History

The Kaiserwald concentration camp was built in March 1943, near a village outside of Riga, Latvia. By March 1944, there were over 11,000 prisoners at the camp. They were used as forced laborers for the production of electrical goods. Other prisoners worked in different factories, mines, and farms. During its years of operation, it housed thousands of Latvian, Polish and, Hungarian Jews. Most of the Jews surviving after the liquidation of the Vilna ghetto were sent to Kaiserwald.

In July 1944, as the Soviet Army neared the camp, the Germans moved their prisoners to Stutthof, Poland. Prisoners who were too sick to relocate were put to death. By September 1944, all the inmates of Kaiserwald had been moved, and the Red Army liberated the camp on October 13, 1944.

The following summary derived information from the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust and the Jewish Virtual Library.

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