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Code Sharing

Code sharing for openness, reproducibility, and learning

What does "preserving" code mean?

GitHub and similar platforms are intended for version control and dissemination of code that is actively being developed and use. However, if software was written for a particular project there may be a need to share the code in a way that is static, has guarantees of long-term preservation, and will be findable and citable along with other project outputs. The best way to do this is through sharing the code along with the data in a dedicated data repository.

Sharing code on Chapman Figshare

Figshare has a GitHub integration that allows easy migration from a working project on GitHub to storage in Chapman Figshare.

For more information about this, see "How to connect Figshare with your GitHub account" on the Figshare help site.

See the Figshare pages of the Digital Repositories at Chapman guide for more information about depositing your data in Chapman Figshare.

Sharing code on other repository platforms

Other repositories can also directly archive code from a GitHub project, issue an DOI for discoverability and citation, and attach the code to other research outputs in the repository