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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Higher Education

Find resources on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in relation to teaching, learning, and higher education

Artificial Intelligence - Welcome

Use this guide to understand  Artificial Intelligence in the context of higher education. 

This guide currently focuses on ChatGPT, as this is the most pressing tool affecting colleges. 

Chapman University's official AI Hub can be found here: 

Doug Dechow and Taylor Greene have created this "contract" that faculty may use in class. It introduces important points of discussion for student understanding regarding the ethical use of generative AI in their studies. 

Getting Started on AI

The New York Times recently featured an excellent introduction to understanding AI, with an emphasis on ChatGPT. Use the following links as a primer for these concepts. 

Note: Chapman University students, staff, and faculty have free access to the New York Times, provided by the Leatherby Libraries. For more information, see: News Websites and Memberships