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Law and Justice

This guide provides a variety of helpful resources for conducting research in Law and Criminal Justice.

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Best Bets

Welcome to the Law and Justice Guide. Use the guide to find background information, books, articles, primary sources, and websites. To get started, try the Best Bets below or one of the tabs on the left to search for a specific type of resource.

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Suggested Books in Law and Justice

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Encyclopedia of Law & Society: American and Global Perspectives

The Encyclopedia of Law and Society is the largest comprehensive and international treatment of the law and society field. With an Advisory Board of 62 members from 20 countries and six continents, the three volumes of this state-of-the-art resource represent interdisciplinary perspectives on law from sociology, criminology, cultural anthropology, political science, social psychology, and economics.

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Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Fairness, Equity, and Justice

Provides experimental perspectives on issues of profound interest and importance across all societies: fairness, equity, and justice. Brings together contributions from leading scientists in neuroscience, psychology, anthropology and behavioral economics. Highlights implications for public policy, such as allocation of scarce medical resources

Book image

Introduction to International Relations: Perspectives, Connections, and Enduring Questions

This text introduces students to what is happening in our complex and rapidly changing world as well as how to analyze those events. Pedagogically driven, the book is structured around enduring questions that reflect the key concepts in world politics.

Book image

The Intersection of Environmental Justice, Climate Change, Community, and the Ecology of Life

This book examines and encourages the increasing involvement of those in the social sciences, including social work, as well as everyday citizens, with environmental injustices that affect the natural ecology, community health, and physical and mental health of marginalized communities.

Book image

The Many Hands of the State: Theorizing Political Authority and Social Control

The state is central to social scientific and historical inquiry today, reflecting its importance in domestic and international affairs. States kill, coerce, fight, torture, and incarcerate, yet they also nurture, protect, educate, redistribute, and invest. This book aims to bridge some of the many gaps between scholarly endeavors, bringing together scholars from a diverse array of disciplines and perspectives who study states and empires from a diverse array of disciplines and perspectives.