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E-Books in Leatherby Libraries

Welcome to your one-stop guide for Library's e-books! This guide is intended to connect Chapman and Brandman University students, faculty, and staff with a variety of Library's e-book resources.

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All of the Leatherby Libraries e-book collections have their individual titles listed in the Library catalog, and most of the individual e-book within each collection has its own record in the catalog. See the "Searching Leatherby Libraries Catalog" tab below for instructions on using the Leatherby Libraries catalog's Advanced Search feature to locate e-books on your topic.

Discover! enables you to cross-search the majority of the Library’s electronic (online) and physical resources and, as such, is a great place to begin searching on most topics for various types of materials. Once you conduct an initial search in Discover!, you can limit your results in a variety of ways, including e-books only. Select the "Finding E-Books Using Discover! Search" tab for details.


The Advanced Search hyperlink is located just beneath the drop-down menu of Library catalog. Clicking on this hyperlink will take you to the catalog's Advanced Keyword Search interface.

To perform an advanced keyword search:

1. Enter your search terms in the boxes. You can use the boxes to build a search with multiple terms, if needed.

2. Under the "Add Limits (Optional)" section, select E-Books from the Material Type options.

3. Select "Submit"

Once locate an e-book from the list of results, select the title link to be taken to the cataloging record of the e-book, and click on "connect to electronic book."

Here are steps you can take to search for e-books using Discover!.

  1. Begin at the library's homepage at
  2. Find the Discover! search box located under “Start Your Search.” 
  3. Enter your search terms into the search box (as shown below).
  4. Click "Search."
  5. Login with your University username and password when prompted (the same you use for Blackboard).When available, you can limit to e-books only by checking the box next to "eBooks" under "Source Types," (as shown in the image below). You might need to click on "Show More" to see the "eBooks" option.

Please note: Once you retrieve a list of results for e-books, you should see the option for PDF full text for e-books from our library's collection. Those e-books with this icon () are not accessible from our collection.